• Medical Billing
    for all physician offices, large or small
    We provide expert service at a reasonable cost, billing on a percentage of what we collect so you're sure to get every dollar coming to you. Our experienced staff has expert knowledge of multiple medical billing software systems and can assist with billing needs in a professional, efficient and confidential manner. Call us today!
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  • Credentialing
    We do all the leg work for you
    We do it all - complete all applications and have you participating with all insurance companies that your office requires. All in a timely, efficient manner. We're experienced with all insurance companies in the central Pennsylvania region.
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  • EMR Hosting
    Let us host your mendent server
    Through this new service provided to our Mendent clients, PHP can host your Mendent server for a monthly fee. Cut initial costs when purchasing your Mendent system with PHP's EMR Hosting.
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Electronic Medical Records Hosting

We have the capability of hosting multiple EMR systems for only new MEDENT clients. Allowing us to host your server is a substantial savings to you in the initial purchase price of your system. We charge a small fee each month to host your server and your office connects to our server using a VPN
tunnel that is safe and secure.

We provide daily back up of the server securing your information.

The host server location will be connected to your MEDENT® network via a VPN connection provided and supported by an ISP/Telecommunication company of your choice.

Internet Note: Connection to the Internet to be provided and supported by another source and is the responsibility of the physician office. MEDENT® hardware maintenance agreement does not cover damage to PCs caused by Internet viruses. All Internet security precautions (i.e. firewall, comprehensive virus and spyware protection/screening) are required and will be the responsibility of the physician’s office.
Our office has over 10 years experience with the MEDENT practice management system, so if you decide to use us for EMR hosting as well as your dedicated billing provider, we can offer your access to these many years of experience.