• Medical Billing
    for all physician offices, large or small
    We provide expert service at a reasonable cost, billing on a percentage of what we collect so you're sure to get every dollar coming to you. Our experienced staff has expert knowledge of multiple medical billing software systems and can assist with billing needs in a professional, efficient and confidential manner. Call us today!
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  • Credentialing
    We do all the leg work for you
    We do it all - complete all applications and have you participating with all insurance companies that your office requires. All in a timely, efficient manner. We're experienced with all insurance companies in the central Pennsylvania region.
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  • EMR Hosting
    Let us host your mendent server
    Through this new service provided to our Mendent clients, PHP can host your Mendent server for a monthly fee. Cut initial costs when purchasing your Mendent system with PHP's EMR Hosting.
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  • Contact Us!
    To Learn How We Can Help Your Medical Office Succeed
    Contact us today for a free consultation to see how outsourcing your medical billing needs can save you time and money by using our dedicated, efficient, professional services.
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Our Expertise
Medical Billing
Medical Billing is the primary service that is offered by PA Health Partners. We have a dedicated, trained Professional Staff that is here to serve you. We are able to provide medical billing to you at a fraction of the cost of in house billing with no overhead.
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Physician Credentialing
Physician credentialing is a service offered by PA Health Partners. We are experienced in the latest requirement of most insurance companies in the Central PA area, and we can do all the leg work for you to get your credentialing completed in a timely fashion.
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EMR Hosting
EMR hosting is a new service provided by PA Health Partners to MEDENT clients. We have a unique MEDENT server that allows us to host EMR systems for any Medent client for a minimal monthly fee. Allowing us to host your server can save you thousands of dollars in the initial cost of your MEDENT system.
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The advantages of outsourcing
  • Advantage #1
    No overhead expenses for employees, such as wages, benefits and payroll taxes.
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  • Advantage #2
    Advantage #2
    No worries about employees calling off sick, using vacation time, or maternity leave coverage.
  • Advantage #3
    Advantage #3
    No need to spend money to train employees on the latest changes in billing for each insurance company. We attend and pay for the seminars and pass the information on to you free of charge.
  • Advantage #4
    Advantage #4
    No need to hire additional staffing when new physicians or additional billing is needed.
  • Free Audits!
    You can't lose
    Contact PA Health today to receive a FREE audit of your office's billing records and practices! This is a $500 value, so contact us today to get started on a road to better, compliant and more streamlined billing! Don't wait - call today!
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